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Luther Replogle had a dream of "a globe in every home" and theorized that people in their homes would value a globe to pinpoint the locations of current events and try to make sense of the world around them. 

Living in Chicago during the World's Fair in 1933, proved to be the beginning of his breakthrough.  Replogle Globes offered an 8-inch souvenir globe designed specifically for the fair.  And working with Chicago retail legend, Marshall Frield & Co., they made and sold over 100,000 during the fair's two year run.  Business was booming and then, an unexpected endorser appeared.  During Franklin Delano Roosevelt's fireside chats, the President encourage the American public to "Now get out your globe," as he would begin discussing foreign affairs and global hot spots.  And more and more people wanted a globe in their home. 

As the world changed around him, Luther continued his dream.  Through personal tragedy and international events, he persevered.  And when Pearl Harbor was bombed a new surge in the desire and need of globes grew.  From the tragedy of war, Replogle made a name for itself and set the standard for the globe industry. 

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Replogle Adventurer Desk GlobeReplogle Adventurer Desk Globe
Replogle Annapolis (Illuminating) Floor GlobeReplogle Annapolis (Illuminating) Floor Globe
Replogle Atlantis Desk GlobeReplogle Atlantis Desk Globe
Replogle Atlas Desk GlobeReplogle Atlas Desk GlobeZeus persuades Atlas, a Titan, to repent for his sins against the gods by supporting the world on his shoulders. This detailed bronze resin replica illustrates the strength and grace with which Atlas accepts his challenge.
Replogle Barrel Chair Floor GlobeReplogle Barrel Chair Floor Globe
Replogle Beth Sholom Desk Globe (Illuminating)Replogle Beth Sholom Desk Globe (Illuminating)
Replogle Cambridge Floor GlobeReplogle Cambridge Floor GlobeThe graceful style of this 16" antique-ocean globe in a gyro-matic meridian is complemented by the classic design of its rich walnut-finished hardwood stand.
Replogle Carlyle Illuminating Desk GlobeReplogle Carlyle Illuminating Desk GlobeAll the most sought-after features are here: illumination, antique-ocean design, and 12" diameter. Walnut-finish base; die-cast semi-meridian.
Replogle Colonial Desk GlobeReplogle Colonial Desk GlobeA solid hardwood cradle with lustrous walnut finish provides the perfect setting for this 12" globe. The antique ocean and full die-cast meridian add Old World appeal to a globe with modern geographical boundaries.
Replogle Commander II Floor GlobeReplogle Commander II Floor GlobeHigh atop its handsome wooden floor stand, the Commander II summons the attention and admiration of all who see it. Featuring a 16" diameter, this antique-style globe combines cartographic excellence with style, lending grace and intrigue to any environment.
Replogle Compass Jewel GlobeReplogle Compass Jewel GlobeThis exquisite desktop accessory is a 13" diameter blue lapis-ocean globe beautifully inlaid with over 25 different semi-precious gemstones that have been hand carved into the shape of countries and continents. A gold-colored stand and meridian with built-in compass cradles the globe.
Replogle Cranbrook Desk GlobeReplogle Cranbrook Desk GlobeWithout a meridian, your view of the world is unobstructed. This 12" diameter globe includes raised-relief geographic features and antique ocean. Burnished brass-plated inclination mounting and finial complete the design.
Replogle Crystal Marquise Desk GlobeReplogle Crystal Marquise Desk GlobeThe silver-land-mass Crystal Marquise offers the enduring appeal of a globe, but with a thoroughly modern, visually stunning twist. The transparent 12" globe ball is bisected by a unique stainless steel axis base.
Replogle Diplomat Illuminating Floor GlobeReplogle Diplomat Illuminating Floor GlobeThe striking blue-ocean Diplomat is exclusively Replogle. Search the world over and you will not find a better example of the globemaking art. A handcrafted masterpiece, this extraordinary globe features lavish attention to both form and function. Distinctive details include illumination, ten-color cartography, and a solid brass, hand-engraved meridian. The handcrafted, solid mahogany cradle mounting, rubbed to a lustrous walnut-finish, further emphasizes the Diplomat's uncommon beauty. A compre
Replogle Edinburgh II Floor GlobeReplogle Edinburgh II Floor GlobeDignified and evoking the nautical world, the Edinburgh features an attractive walnut finish and solid wood base. Raised relief and blue ocean round out the effect of this new-for-2008 16” floor globe.
Replogle Executive Desk GlobeReplogle Executive Desk GlobeA hugely popular gift globe, the Executive features a quartz clock, 6" diameter antique-ocean globe, brass-plated gyro-matic mounting, and walnut-finish wood base. Battery included.
Replogle Explorer Desk GlobeReplogle Explorer Desk GlobeAmong our most popular models. Striking colors invite students of any age to explore. The 12" blue-ocean globe offers a vibrant contrast to a metal gold-colored base. The Explorer contains more than 4,000 place names and distinctive political boundary markings.
Replogle Finley (Blue) Floor GlobeReplogle Finley (Blue) Floor GlobeThe blue-ocean Finley's impressive 37" height and simple lines provide an attractive backdrop for its 20" illuminated globe ball with hand-applied, hand-cut map. Full engraved aluminum meridian in a brushed brass color, with light control.
Replogle Forester Desk GlobeReplogle Forester Desk GlobeThis 9" antique-ocean globe is completed by walnut-finished base and gold-colored molded meridian and riser. Place it on your desk and keep an eye on the world.
Replogle Forum Floor GlobeReplogle Forum Floor GlobeSince ancient times, the column has stood as a functional and decorative standard. Designer Tom Torrens has fashioned an all-metal globe base reminiscent of that form, yet crafted to reflect modern design. History, architecture, and culture come together in a unique way with this 16" antique-ocean globe. Designed by Tom Torrens.
Replogle Four Square Desk GlobeReplogle Four Square Desk Globe
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