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Replogle Atlantis Desk GlobeReplogle Atlantis Desk Globe
Replogle Carlyle Illuminating Desk GlobeReplogle Carlyle Illuminating Desk GlobeAll the most sought-after features are here: illumination, antique-ocean design, and 12" diameter. Walnut-finish base; die-cast semi-meridian.
Replogle Cranbrook Desk GlobeReplogle Cranbrook Desk GlobeWithout a meridian, your view of the world is unobstructed. This 12" diameter globe includes raised-relief geographic features and antique ocean. Burnished brass-plated inclination mounting and finial complete the design.
Replogle Executive Desk GlobeReplogle Executive Desk GlobeA hugely popular gift globe, the Executive features a quartz clock, 6" diameter antique-ocean globe, brass-plated gyro-matic mounting, and walnut-finish wood base. Battery included.
Replogle Geographer Desk GlobeReplogle Geographer Desk GlobeReinvent the world. This sturdy write-on, wipe-off 12" globe is a great educational tool — not to mention a lot of fun. Designed for classroom or home use, this globe creates an environment for interactive learning. Dry erase marker included.
Replogle Globe 4 KidsReplogle Globe 4 Kids
Replogle Hastings Desk GlobeReplogle Hastings Desk GlobeThe Hastings will give you a world perspective. Its enduring appeal comes from the antique-ocean 12" globe ball, solid walnut-finish hardwoord base, and die-cast semi-meridian. Even in your office, the world is within reach.
Replogle Lenox Desk GlobeReplogle Lenox Desk GlobeClassic, enduring appeal. The gracious combination of antique-ocean 12" globe ball, solid hardwood base with rich walnut finish, and painted die-cast semi-meridian make this globe the perfect choice for any setting.
Replogle Livingston Illuminating Desk GlobeReplogle Livingston Illuminating Desk GlobeThe Livingston is traditionally styled, with a hardwood base and die-cast semi-meridian. The two-way map design of this 12" globe provides a standard view of the physical world or an illuminated display of the political world.
Replogle MacInnes Desk GlobeReplogle MacInnes Desk GlobeRustic and rough-hewn, the MacInnes brings a touch of the Scottish highlands to any study or library. Measuring 12" and featuring raised relief and a unique metallic base, this new-for-2008 desktop offering sparks the imagination.
Replogle Moon Desk GlobeReplogle Moon Desk GlobeThis extraordinary 12" diameter globe accurately depicts the geographical features of the Earth's moon, including craters, seas and mountain ranges. NASA approved.
Replogle National Geographic Allanson Desk GlobeReplogle National Geographic Allanson Desk Globe
Replogle National Geographic Grosvenor Desk GlobeReplogle National Geographic Grosvenor Desk Globe
Replogle National Geographic Hudson Desk GlobeReplogle National Geographic Hudson Desk Globe
Replogle Northwoods Desk GlobeReplogle Northwoods Desk GlobeThe 12" diameter bronze metallic globe is mounted atop a rich walnut-colored base with die-cast, calibrated semi-meridian.
Replogle Orion Illuminating Desk GlobeReplogle Orion Illuminating Desk GlobeThere's just something about black-ocean globes. The Orion, with its 12" sphere, solid steel base, and die-cast semi-meridian, is no exception. And just as Orion blazes in the night sky, this Orion lights up at the flip of a switch.
Replogle Piedmont Desk GlobeReplogle Piedmont Desk GlobeThe successful blend of an antique-ocean 12" globe ball, attractive solid hardwood base, and painted die-cast semi-meridian make this a perfect globe for any setting.
Replogle Pioneer Desk GlobeReplogle Pioneer Desk GlobeGet a closer look at the world, thanks to the gyro-matic mounting that swings up or down to bring any area into closer view. Vivid map to help easily distinguish political boundaries. Numbered full-meridian and gyro assembly.
Replogle Renaissance Desk GlobeReplogle Renaissance Desk GlobeStuck in an office for hours on end, it can be easy to lose perspective. Regain it with the Renaissance. Perfectly suited for desk duty, it features a 6” globe ball in black and grey with maroon type. The globe rotates and spins easily in its hardwood base, inviting interaction and triggering the imagination. Your office just got a lot more worldly.
Replogle Sierra Desk GlobeReplogle Sierra Desk GlobeAn antique brass and black metal base is the foundation upon which this globe is built. The 12" antique-ocean desktop globe features a calibrated semi-meridian.
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