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Replogle Atlas Desk GlobeReplogle Atlas Desk GlobeZeus persuades Atlas, a Titan, to repent for his sins against the gods by supporting the world on his shoulders. This detailed bronze resin replica illustrates the strength and grace with which Atlas accepts his challenge.
Replogle Commander II Floor GlobeReplogle Commander II Floor GlobeHigh atop its handsome wooden floor stand, the Commander II summons the attention and admiration of all who see it. Featuring a 16" diameter, this antique-style globe combines cartographic excellence with style, lending grace and intrigue to any environment.
Replogle Crystal Marquise Desk GlobeReplogle Crystal Marquise Desk GlobeThe silver-land-mass Crystal Marquise offers the enduring appeal of a globe, but with a thoroughly modern, visually stunning twist. The transparent 12" globe ball is bisected by a unique stainless steel axis base.
Replogle Edinburgh II Floor GlobeReplogle Edinburgh II Floor GlobeDignified and evoking the nautical world, the Edinburgh features an attractive walnut finish and solid wood base. Raised relief and blue ocean round out the effect of this new-for-2008 16” floor globe.
Replogle Freedom Desk GlobeReplogle Freedom Desk GlobeThis 12" antique-ocean globe with numbered die-cast meridian features a magnificently detailed resin eagle with bronze finish and gold accents.
Replogle Intelliglobe DeluxeReplogle Intelliglobe Deluxe
Replogle Lancaster Floor GlobeReplogle Lancaster Floor GlobeThe Lancaster's cherry-finish chair-side stand with carved accents complements the rich bronze metallic globe ball. Metal die-cast meridian.
Replogle Leather Expedition Floor GlobeReplogle Leather Expedition Floor GlobeThis exclusive desktop accessory offers a genuine leather 12" globe with die-cast semi-meridian mounted on a hardwood base. A unique take on the globe and a perfect gift.
Replogle Leerdam Vase Desk GlobeReplogle Leerdam Vase Desk Globe
Replogle Mikado Desk GlobeReplogle Mikado Desk GlobeThe slate gray ocean of the Mikado stands in stark contrast to the easy-to-read metallic silver map. Uniquely supported by an angular brushed stainless steel base, the Mikado was designed exclusively for Replogle Globes in Denmark and Sweden. Winner of a 2005 Advancing Design and Innovation Award.
Replogle National Geographic  Phoenix II Desk GlobeReplogle National Geographic Phoenix II Desk Globe
Replogle National Geographic Bingham Desk GlobeReplogle National Geographic Bingham Desk Globe
Replogle National Geographic Compass Star Desk GlobeReplogle National Geographic Compass Star Desk Globe
Replogle Premier Desk GlobeReplogle Premier Desk GlobeThe best of both worlds. The stand is home for a hardbound Rand McNally World Atlas, and the 12" antique-ocean globe rests in a calibrated brass-plated full-meridian. The cherry-finish base enhances the Premier's rich appearance.
Replogle Tallinn Desk GlobeReplogle Tallinn Desk Globe
Replogle Usonian Desk GlobeReplogle Usonian Desk Globe
Replogle Valencia Desk GlobeReplogle Valencia Desk Globe
Replogle Weather Watch Desk GlobeReplogle Weather Watch Desk GlobeHighly functional, endlessly fascinating. Three precision weather instruments — thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer — lend beautiful utility to the wooden cube base of the 9" Weather Watch. Brass-plated inclination mounting and finial accent complete this unique globe.
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